Website Maintenance | TechScooper

Website Maintenance

We keep up your site through our full service team to guarantee you get a period bound one-stop solution. We guarantee security, freshness and brand styling for your digital assets.

Web and Mobile Application Maintenance | TechScooper

Web & Mobile Application Maintenance

With our top-notch maintenance service, we ensure that the life-cycle of the web and mobile application increases for better ROI and give you a hassle-free experience.

Software Product Support | TechScooper

Software Product Support

Your customer anticipate nothing but the best from you. We help you run an effective and efficient Software Product Support team with end-to-end support through a team of developers.

E-commerce Marketplace Management | TechScooper

E-commerce Marketplace Management

We help you sell on various online marketplaces (like Amazon, eBay, etc.) effectively and efficiently. This includes accounting, listing, photography etc.

E-commerce Cataloging | TechScooper

E-commerce Cataloging

We offer keywords and tagging to give a better user experience to your users, as well as to rank higher in search engines and e-commerce marketplaces. We create the collections for cataloging.


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