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Loan Management System (LMS)

Loan Management Solution (LMS) supports multiple facets of Loan portfolio starting from prospecting to closure and monitoring. The comprehensive loan management solution facilitates banks and financial institutions to automate the procedures for achieving cost savings and better customer experience. We deliver tech enabled lending processes that improve productivity and customer service through the entire loan lifecycle.

Category: Web Development, CRM

Country:    Saint Kitts and Nevis


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap


Loan Management Solution comprises of prebuilt activities starting from Loan document execution, Loan Account creation and Loan Disbursement, Funded and Non Funded Limit management, Collateral Management, Repayment Schedule, Collection workflow, Balancing and Overdue, Interest and Charges Application, Account settlement, NPA Management, write off to Rephasement and reschedule activity.

Loan  Management  System (LMS) | Techscooper
Loan  Management  System (LMS) | Techscooper

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