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Corporate Website

The idea behind Datahoard is to give users control over their data. Once the users link their accounts to Datahoard with respective APIs, Datahoard fetches their data, analyzes it, and present the results in a structured manner. Users now have an option to earn an additional money in their pockets by sharing it to the marketers to gather market information.

Category: Web Development,Creative Services,Testing & QA

Country:    United Kingdom


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • javascript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap


Website shows company’s different product and the security plan for Data Sharing application. DataHoard web application concept is similar to DATACOUP & DAWEX. DataHoard web application gather user data from their added account like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Mastercard, Visa etc. and the retail companies uses these data for marketing purpose.

Corporate  Website | Techscooper
Corporate  Website | Techscooper

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