Co-Founder and COO Pravin Kumar Shaw’s TechScooper Proves to Be the Perfect Ally for SME and Start-Up Companies

Founded in 2017, TechScooper was established with the aim of serving digital solutions seekers globally. Operating from Kolkata, they are a full-stack development firm and have successfully delivered more than 100 projects globally. Pravin Kumar Shaw, co-founder and COO at the firm says that the firm operates with the mission to add value and profitability to their clients’ business through their solutions. Pravin used to deal with the Marketing and Sales operations within the firm and also allows the Research & Analysis team to pick his brain from time to time.

TechScooper was founded with the idea of helping start-ups as well as established businesses to grow. The firm started as a Web and Software development company. However, as they began to interact and collaborate with start-ups and SME companies, they soon realized that these businesses are not having their demands fulfilled owing to their limited budget. Hence, they started focusing on such companies with restricted funding in order to help them acquire a minimum viable product that they envisioned.

The firm’s ability to think and serve beyond the remunerative benefits and to understand the co-founders aim for the path ahead and the firm’s mission, GoodFirms interviewed Pravin Kumar Shaw as part of their interview series. What follows here is a brief extract of that conversation.

Web Design Services With a Better Scope:

To learn more about the designing aspects of a project, Pravin was questioned on those lines, and he revealed that determining the time frame is one of the most important factors to set the customer’s expectations and is also a challenging one. Right from the functionalities requested to the third-party integrations needed, the targeted market, key demographics, and the design views, understanding of each element create a better scope of the project.

The designers at TechScooper, Pravin said, understand that design is more about being effective than just looking good. Blending innovative designs with professional aesthetics helps their team to provide a web design that drives conversion. With online mode becoming the first point of contact for most businesses, first impressions are proving to have a greater influence than ever, and that is why TechScooper only delivers the best that a business deserves.

Pravin and his team at TechScooper possess all the attributes of a winner, which is why they are recognized as one of the top digital design agencies at GoodFirms.

Comprehensive and Qualitative Mobile App Development:

When asked about actual development, Pravin explained that a lot goes into a project between ideation to deployment. Project Analysis, Planning, Wireframing & Documentation, Designing, Development (front and Back), and QA & Testing are the different and crucial stages in every project. The cost of a mobile app is driven by factors such as resources that will be consumed and the time that is required for the deployment. Inquiring about the basic project requirements, the COO shared that there are no minimum budget requirements as their clientele is made of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises along with start-ups.

Founder and CEO at Foodiegate, Bidyut Sikhari, was delighted with the services he received from TechScooper and rated them 5-stars on GoodFirms:

TechScooper is harmonized with the path that will lead them to soon feature among the top app development companies at GoodFirms riding on their all-encompassing comprehension of the market trends and technical expertise.

Regarding the platform selection for development, Pravin explained that it depends upon the budget as well as the geographic target. There are different preferences in different world markets as far as devices go, which are hugely dominated and also largely bifurcated in Android and iOS users. In terms of a fast turnaround and best experience, they recommend Native App development where they use Java or Android Studio for Android-based apps and Swift, Objective C, and Xcode for iOS apps.

To know more about this inquisitive conversation, please read the complete interview of Pravin Kumar Shaw GoodFirms. 

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